A strawberry watermelon smoothie for a sunday afternoon

By Mélanie, on Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Tomorrow it's gonna be Sunday. It's going to be a sunny and warm day. Imagine yourself enjoying the nice weather outside. Maybe even having a barbecue, gardening, or just relaxing. You know what would make this day even more perfect? The vibrant taste of strawberries, yes. But, most of all, in the form of a cold and refreshing drink!
So please, go put one yogurt in the freezer now. That's it. Tomorrow, all you'll have to do is to add a handful of strawberries, a piece of watermelon, and some mint leaves to brighten up the flavours. And enjoy!

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Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie

1 yogurt (fat free)
A dozain strawberries
2 oz. watermelon (without the skin)
4 mint leaves

The day before, put the yogurt in the freezer.

Cut the fruits in large cubes, put in the blender with the frozen yogurt and mint. Blend. Serve. Enjoy!

Smoothie aux fraises et à la pastèque

1 yaourt nature (0% par exemple)
Une douzaine de fraises
1 morceau de pastèque (environ 60g sans la peau)
4 feuilles de menthe

La veille, mettez le yaourt au congélateur.

Coupez les fruits en large morceaux, placez les avec le yaourt (brisé en morceaux) et la menthe dans le mixeur. Mexez. Servez. Et appreciez! :)

9 commentaires:

Claire said...

ni fraise ni pastèque, mais l'eau à la bouche ... je suis venue via tastespotting ! bravo !

Jennifer said...

I love smoothies this time of year!! Daily for me! Great recipe and beautiful pictures! Thanks!

Liz said...

Hi! I have just created my new blog and I love yours, your pictures are amazing and I like your taste for recipes. This smoothie sounds really tasty.

Unknown said...

This sounds nice and cool and refreshing!

Le cheval ailé de Claire said...

Ca paraît presque réalisable par moi ! Incroyable comme ca semble simple ! Mais pour que ca me donne vraiment envie, il faudra mieux que je m'abstienne de les préparer !

Elissa said...

Wow, the colors of your photography are really stunning! The drink looks really refreshing and summery as well :)

Unknown said...

super association de gout, j'adore !!!!

Nicholle said...

Is it possible to use something in place of the mint (for those of us who don't usually have fresh mint hanging around the kitchen)?

Would a drop or two of a peppermint extract work as well perhaps?

Mélanie said...

Hi Nicholle - I have never used peppermint extract, actually I'm not sure we have this in France. I've never seen it. But it could probably work. If you try, just tell me how you liked it.
Otherwise, I think it could be tasty to use fresh basil (if you have some in the kitchen... maybe it's more easy to use in other recipes as well).

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